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RFA sees significant growth in E85 availability

The senior vice president of industry relations for the Renewable Fuels Association says the availability of E85 has been increasing across the country. Robert White tells Brownfield E85 is significantly cheaper than E10 gasoline. “We have just shy of 6,000 E85 stations spread across... Read More.

Thompson, Vilsack debate fertilizer price and availability

The cost of agricultural inputs and its impact on food prices was debated during a House Ag Committee hearing on Wednesday. Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson said producers haven’t been able to catch any breaks when it comes to fertilizer. “We’re not producing more fertilizer,”... Read More.

Biodiesel availability top of mind at 2024 Clean Fuels Conference

The availability of biodiesel is a focus of this year’s Clean Fuels Conference. Hanna Campbell, demand specialist with the Michigan Soybean Committee, says biodiesel is growing in popularity in her state, but, “Unfortunately, we’re just kind of waiting for that supply to catch up,”... Read More.