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Agronomist advises harvesting wet corn now

An agronomist says it’s time to harvest corn, even if it hasn’t dried down enough.  Scott Rowntree with Pioneer tells Brownfield the growing degree units won’t dry down the crop much after November 1st. “I could envision one to two points of... Read More.

Agronomist says many corn stalks are weak

An agronomist with Pioneer says the corn stalks are getting weaker every day.  Arika Wech tells Brownfield the long, dry stretch of weather prevented potassium uptake in the plants, and a lot of corn is one weather event from falling down. “Rain,... Read More.

Agronomist says fertilizing now is a good plan

An agronomist suggests taking action yet this fall on field fertility plans. Scott Rowntree with Pioneer in Wisconsin says prices have come down on some inputs compared to the past couple of years. “Over the past couple of seasons, some growers have delayed... Read More.

Agronomist pleased with corn yields in Iowa

An extension agronomist says harvest has been steady across Iowa and yields have been better than expected. Meaghan Anderson is with Iowa State University. “People are very pleased with, especially, corn yields. Given the weather conditions that we had, they are quite good. I’ve... Read More.

Agronomist says it’s an unusual year for soybeans

An agronomist says the timing of rain in a dry growing season helped some short-season soybean varieties outperform their full-season counterparts. Bob Berkovich with Pioneer in Wisconsin says it’s no surprise the lack of moisture during critical development times is driving soybean yield results.... Read More.

North Iowa agronomist expects early harvest

An extension agronomist in northern Iowa anticipates an early harvest. Angie Rieck-Hinz with Iowa State University says dry, hot conditions have accelerated crop development. “Between the heat and the drought stress, our crops are ahead of schedule in terms of maturity. But also, we... Read More.

Agronomist outlines prominent challenges in southern Illinois fields

An agronomist says waterhemp and earworms are some of the biggest challenges in southern Illinois corn and soybean fields. Ben Wiegmann with Beck’s Hybrids tells Brownfield the lack of rainfall during June prevented residual herbicides from activating, especially in soybeans. “But then also the lack... Read More.

Agronomist: Recent weather favorable across Iowa

Some Midwestern farmers keep getting the moisture they’ve been needing. Meaghan Anderson, extension agronomist with Iowa State University, says most of Iowa recently received some crop-saving rains. “That made a big difference in our crop as far as being able to finish things out and... Read More.

Agronomist expecting average or better yields in southern Illinois

A Beck’s Hybrids agronomist says there is still potential for average or above average corn and soybean yields in southern Illinois. Ben Wiegmann tells Brownfield there are some corn fields that faced too much drought stress during pollination, but other areas have recovered well. “A... Read More.