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Arkansas rice agronomist says crop conditions vary

Prolonged wet weather has taken its toll on a lot of the rice crop in Arkansas.  Jarrod Hardke is a rice extension agronomist with the University of Arkansas. “Half of this crop looks great,” he says. “The other half I don’t want to talk... Read More.

Agronomist says ugly corn is turning the corner

Hot and dry weather has moved in, and an agronomist says it’s helping improve some crop conditions. University of Kentucky’s Chad Lee says ugly corn is turning the corner. “It got a little bit bigger, got a bigger root system on it, started taking... Read More.

Agronomist says farmers remain cautious about crop spending

An agronomist says farmers are being careful about their crop investments. Travis Hofslien from Alcivia Cooperative tells Brownfield with margins tight and commodity prices low, farmers are relying on soil testing to make sure they’re not wasting money on fertility inputs. “There are... Read More.

Agronomist says soybeans thrive with more intense management

A soybean agronomist says farmers need to be more intentional about managing soybeans as they face tighter margins. Purdue University’s Shaun Casteel tells Brownfield the days of planting soybeans whenever are over. “If it hasn’t, I think people should be seeing these gains that... Read More.