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AVCTL Div III/IV All-League Boys Soccer Teams Announced Monday

After a very competitive year in AVCTL DIII/IV, postseason selections and awards were voted on by the coaches in the league, and were organized by position. Other awards included Most Valuable Player, which went to Zach Hammar of Winfield, and Coach of the Year, Bransyn Felty of Buhler.

Below is the complete list of the All-League Boys Soccer Teams:


School Name

Circle Dylan Hunter – HM

Augusta Cooper Buell – First Team

Augusta Kalvin LaPlant – Second Team

Buhler Jaden Kretzer – First Team

Buhler Ethan Stambaugh – Second Team

Buhler Cole Darling – HM

Mulvane Aiden McKee – Second Team

Mulvane Kierran Hoffman – HM

McPherson Hayden Hoxie – First Team

McPherson Hunter Mendez – HM

McPherson Manny Morales – HM

Winfield Zach Hammar – First Team

Winfield Gabriel Tapia – HM

Rose Hill Scotty Carr – Second Team

Rose Hill Luke Anderson – HM

Rose Hill Cam Harrold- HM

Winfield Josh Aguirre – HM

El Dorado Aodhfionn Mora-Bruce – HM

El Dorado Taidhgin Mora-Bruce – HM



School Name

Circle Paxton Smoley – HM

Circle Aiden Wendel – HM

Augusta Bradin Dennett – First Team

Augusta Cole Neeley – Second Team

Buhler Dawsyn Valdois – First Team

Buhler Caleb Penrose – Second Team

Buhler Colby Moler – Second Team

Mulvane Gunner Uhrig – HM

Mulvane Chance Brown – HM

McPherson Tito Mendez – First Team

McPherson Reid Schuckman – Second Team

McPherson Aidan Wheaton – HM

Rose Hill Andruw Weeks – First Team

Rose Hill Brian Lin – HM

Rose Hill Ethan Brooks – HM

Winfield Gaven Boling – HM

Winfield Trey Thiel – Second Team

Winfield Allistair Kettle – HM



School Name

Circle Ivan Iniguez – HM

Augusta Logan Ruddle – First Team

Augusta Cody Meckel – Second Team

Buhler Jaylen Cherry – First Team

Mulvane Ben Thorson – First Team

McPherson Kayden McVicker – First Team

McPherson Gavinn Henry – Second Team

McPherson Boy Rodriguez – HM

Rose Hill Daylin Jantzen – Second Team

Rose Hill Trey Bias – HM

Rose Hill Johnny Leck – HM

Winfield Aiden Loeb – Second Team

Winfield Adam Woods – HM

Winfield Monty James – HM



School Name

Circle Austin Kline – HM

Augusta Peyton Carselowey – HM

Buhler Jax Frederick – First Team

Mulvane Alex Dial – HM

McPherson Josh Wehrman – Second Team

Winfield Jackson Palmer – HM

Rose Hill Temo Luna – HM

El Dorado EJ Krug


Most Valuable Player

School Name

Winfield Zach Hammar


Coach of the Year

School Name

Buhler Bransyn Felty