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Rice County Emergency Dispatcher Coaches Parents through Baby Delivery

LYONS, Kan. – A Rice County Emergency Communicator was recognized by Rice County Commissioners Monday for her assisting in a baby delivery.

On the evening of September 27th, December Mortimer took a 911 call regarding an imminent childbirth the reporting party said was coming “way early.” Utilizing the emergency medical dispatch protocol that Rice County has employed since 2004, she began asking questions and giving instructions for childbirth.

About two minutes after the call came in the baby was born, and Mortimer continued to give instructions on taking care of the newborn until EMS arrived and took both mother and baby to the hospital.

Her actions reflect all the training, skills, and certifications she received during her ten months with Rice County Emergency Communications, remaining calm during the call and reassuring both the mother and father.

RCECC director Josh Michaelis noted this is the first time one of their staff has assisted with childbirth prior to EMS arriving on the scene.