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Reno County Commission Approves Rate Increase for Water District 101 and 3 Sewer Districts

By Lucky Kidd, Ad Astra Radio


HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Reno County Commissioners approved substantial rate increases for Water District 101 at Yoder and for three Reno County Sewer Districts Tuesday.

Water rates in the Yoder district will increase to $34 a month plus 2.50 per thousand gallons of water used. The current rate is less than seven dollars a month and included the first five thousand gallons of water.

Rates for Sewer Districts 201 at Yoder, 202 at the HABIT site southwest of Yoder, and Sewer District 1 will be set at $30 a month for residential customers, $37 a month for light commercial and industrial customers, and $138 a month for heavy commercial, institutional and industrial customers, with a two percent annual increase in rates.

The new rates are comparable to what most smaller cities in Reno County charge.

There was a considerable discussion on what rate should be charged for HABIT’s largest customer, the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. It is expected that KLETC rates will be examined in more detail at a later date.

Existing rates have not been bringing in sufficient revenue to cover operational costs, much less needed improvements. The change also allows user fees to be used to support the sewer districts rather than property taxes.

ARPA Funds

A resolution formalizing the allocation of just over $12 million in ARPA funds received by Reno County last year was adopted.

As earlier recommended by a task force, $4.5 million of the funding will go to the K-Ready Group through the United Way of Reno County for childcare projects, $4 million will be designated for Interfaith Housing. Another $500 thousand will go to South Central Kansas Economic Development District for county-wide housing issues, and $1.2 million will be set aside for the Hutchinson Reno County Chamber of Commerce for industrial park development. The remaining funds will be allocated among several other projects.

Overdose Response

The Commission approved the submission of a $50 thousand pilot project grant from the National Association of County and City Health Officials for overdose response.

The County had been unsuccessful in a bid to obtain a much larger grant for that work, but this grant, if approved, would allow the Reno County Health Department to continue planning efforts of having medication-assisted treatment within the Reno County Jail.