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McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunts begin Friday, May 6th

– The 2022 McPherson County All Schools Day Button Hunts begin Friday, May 6th. Again this year there will be two hunts, one for a medallion featuring this year’s All Schools Day Button, and the other a virtual hunt.

Button Hunt coordinator Lucky Kidd says the virtual hunt is increasing in popularity. “This was the only event that could be held for the 2020 celebration, and in 2021 there was a lot of interest in the virtual hunt. With the COVID-19 situation now largely under control, I expect to see more interest in the medallion hunt.

As in past years, the medallion will be hidden in a public place somewhere in McPherson County. The location is one that is always accessible but Kidd said “Please be respectful for any posted hours that might apply.”
In the virtual hunt, hunters are asked to identify a certain item in a certain place, also on public property that is accessible at least part of the time. The correct answer must specify both the item and place.

Button Hunt licenses can be purchased during office hours at KNGL/KBBE Radio, 411 E. Euclid in McPherson. Button hunters must also have an All Schools Day button. Clues for the hunt will be posted daily on the McPherson County All Schools Day Facebook Page, and will also be broadcast several times each day on KBBE 96.7 and KXKU 106.1.

This year’s button Hunt is sponsored by Citizens Financial Services and Home State Bank, a part of the Citizens State Bank. The medallion for this year’s hunt is again being donated by Stewart Sports and Awards.