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McPherson Commission Notes, Fire Dept. Promotions Approved

MCPHERSON – McPherson City Commissioners this week approved allocation of $350 thousand in American Rescue Plan Act Funds. $250 thousand of which will be used to cover part of the cost of the foundation repairs now in progress at the McPherson Public. $100 thousand is being allocated to the McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation.

On a recommendation from Public Works Director Jeff Woodard, two waivers of drainage requirements, one of which is for the new outdoor athletic complex at McPherson High School, have been approved.

Drainage studies for that project and for a truck barn in the 900 block of West Woodside and indicate neither will have a major impact on storm water runoff.

Block Grant Modification

A modification of the target area for a 2020 Community Development Housing Block Grant and a request to extend its completion were approved. The original target area included areas east of Main Street to Elm south of Avenue A. With the change, the area is being expanded to include properties on the west side of Man from Avenue A to Avenue C.

The city is seeking an additional 90-day extension for completion of the grant, for which they still have funding for two more homes to be rehabilitated. An additional change approved will allow a property in the existing area that changed ownership after the grant was awarded to be eligible to apply.

Fire Department Promotions

Two promotions within the McPherson Fire Department have been approved. Dakota Becker was promoted from Lieutenant to Captain and Collin Hoefner from firefighter to lieutenant. Members are tested annually and then must successfully past a written exam, after which candidates are interviewed by a panel that evaluate their skills in the area of fire suppression, hazardous materials, and instruction or teaching. Both promotions are effective immediately.