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Lyons City Council Moves to Reinstate City Administrator Following Suspension

Lyons – Following one hour and 20 minutes of executive sessions, the Lyons City Council Monday night ordered the reinstatement of City Administrator Chad Buckley, who had been suspended by Mayor Dustin Schultz Friday morning. Circumstances of the suspension were not disclosed, but a large audience was in attendance for the meeting, including former Mayors Jerry Minix and Garlan Old, who were present to support Buckley.

Minix provided a letter to the Council in which he raised a number of concerns with Schultz’s actions. His letter started out asking questions about evaluations of Buckley, and questioning when he was last evaluated.

He then expressed concerns covering three broad areas, one of which involved city governance and structure, noting based on that structure, the mayor “cannot take any official action(s) without majority support of the City Council.”

Along with stating he had no legal authority to suspend Buckley, he stated the Mayor’s actions appear to be personal, capricious, and arbitrary along with being extremely unprofessional, unethical and unacceptable.

Minix called on Schultz to grasp the concept of governance versus administration, realize his role in the city’s operational structure, learn to work with the Council, abandon his personal agenda and not involve it when making important decisions. In calling on the council to reverse the suspension of Buckley calling the action ludicrous, he suggested Schultz consider resigning if unable to work with the City Council.

Issues between Schultz and Buckley may have first appeared in public at the May 2nd Council meeting, during which Schultz made his recommendations for annual appointment of city officials. While outlining reasons for recommending reappointment of all other officials, he gave no reason for reappointing Buckley at that time.

Schultz and the Council had locked heads earlier when it rejected his proposed appointment to fill a vacancy on the Council, preferring a different person be selected.

While Buckley was not present for the executive session, the closed-door discussions involving the Mayor and Council included City Counselor Jeff Kuhlman, Human Resources Director Jennifer Wood, and City Clerk Gayla Horsch.

As part of the motion to reinstate Buckley, the Council directed a special meeting be called to discuss the matter to include Buckley. The special meeting was set for Monday, June 13th at 1 PM.