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Lyons City Council Approves Jim Cedeno to Fill Vacant Seat

By Lucky Kidd, Ad Astra Radio


LYONS – For the first time in seven months the Lyons City Council is back to full strength. The Council Monday night approved Mayor Dustin Schultz’s appointment of Jim Cedeno to fill the Ward 3 position that had been vacant since the November 2021 resignation of Melody Adams.


Cedeno, a Lyons resident for over 55 years, graduated from Lyons High School and for the past 11 years has worked in the Kansas Department of Transportation sub-area shop in Lyons.


In an e-mail to Schultz, Cedeno said he feels Lyons is a good town to live in and raise a family. He added there are areas for improvement, and he can see all sides to problems and is willing to discuss solutions.


During the group discussion part of the meeting, Council Member Doug Higgins asked the council to consider a change to the charter ordinance related to their terms to address the issue that led to the lengthy delay in filling the Ward 3 seat. Shortly after Adams resigned, Mayor Schultz nominated Brandi Procopio to fill the position, which the Council rejected as they wanted former Mayor Garlan Old appointed to fill the remainder of the term.


Higgins’ proposal has two parts. The first would involve the situation where a member leaves the council in the early part of their term, and under his plan, if a position became vacant before May 1st of the second year of a term, the mayor’s appointment would be until a special election could be held to fill the remainder of the four-year term, like what is done for school board and other positions.


The second thing Higgins suggested is to develop a policy that would set out procedures in the event the Council rejects a mayoral recommendation, as happened with the Ward 3 seat.


City Counselor Jeff Kuhlman said any changes would require amending the City’s charter ordinance and would be subject to a 60-day protest period under which if a valid petition was filed the change would go to voters.