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Hutchinson City Council Approves Consultant Agreement for Woodie Seat Redesign

HUTCHINSONA $448,230 consultant agreement with WSP USA and JEO Consulting Group for the design of reconstruction plans for the Woodie Seat Freeway was approved Tuesday by the Hutchinson City Council. The contract includes exploring what possible options exist to keep Avenue B open.

Plans, as of now, are to close Avenue B at the Freeway as part of the reconstruction of the north end of the Woodie Seat at Avenue A. Many residents in Hutchinson’s SW Bricktown neighborhood have voiced opposition to this design.

The project is expected to be bid in January 2024.


Pipe Replacement

The Council also awarded a $198,903.34 bid to Ward Davis Builders for the replacement of crossing pipes under Farmington Road, Walnut Street, and Waldron Street (south of Hutchinson Clinic) for the east side drain.

The existing corrugated metal pipes installed when the ditch was expanded in 1973 have experienced repeated failure and patching over the years, and have exceeded their life span. All four bids received came in below engineer estimates for the project being funded through the Storm Water Maintenance Reserve.