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Wild weather swings can be detrimental to cattle


A beef specialist says cattle producers need to closely monitor cattle with this week’s wide swings in temperatures.  

Travis Meteer tells Brownfield…

“Making sure that animals don’t have increased respiration rates,” he says, “Make sure we don’t have nasal discharge. Make sure the animals aren’t lethargic. It’s a good time for producers to be a little bit more attentive to their cattle.”

He says respiratory issues are especially concerning this time of year…

“It’s something we have to manage from an animal health standpoint,” he says, “so making sure the cattle are still consuming adequate feed, have fresh water available and making sure that if they have a challenge that they are intervening to make sure that the welfare of that animal is as good as can be.”

Weather patterns across the country are expected to stabilize in the next week. 

Wild weather swings can be detrimental to cattle