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USDA projects tighter hog supplies


The USDA says the June 1st hog and pig inventory was down 1% on the year and farrowing numbers point to even tighter supplies later this year and next year.

The total U.S. inventory was 72.524 million head, including a market herd of 66.933 million and a breeding herd of 6.168 million head, both 1% lower than last year.

By weight, the market inventory weighing less than 50 pounds was 21.083 million head, the 50 to 119 pound herd was 18.811 million head, the 120 to 179 pound herd was 13.737 million head, and the inventory of hogs and pigs weighing 180 pounds and heavier was 12.725 million head.

USDA projects tighter hog supplies