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The role soy farmers play in combating climate change

The CEO of the United Soybean Board says more soy growers are focusing on conservation practices to combat climate change and advance nutrition.

Polly Ruhland tells Brownfield, “We’ve got to have farmers to do that,” she said. “Farmers capture carbon. Very few other industries can say they actually capture and reduce the effects of greenhouse gas.”

She says global food systems and climate-smart solutions go hand in hand. “When we think about feeding the world while maintaining a planet that is life sustainable for the long-term, because soy farmers control so much land in the US, we have a very deep responsibility to practice sustainability while we’re trying to produce more food at the same time.”

Ruhland spoke to Brownfield at the recent Borlaug Dialogue in Des Moines, Iowa.

The role soy farmers play in combating climate change