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Pork industry outlines traceability plan


The nation’s pork industry is another step closer to an enhanced swine traceability system. 

Scott Hays, a Missouri producer, and immediate past president of the National Pork Producers Council tells Brownfield NPPC has spent nearly two years developing a program that would expedite a response to an animal disease outbreak…

“We need to know where the disease is at and where it’s not, and the only way to know that is if we have a traceability plan.” He says, “Where we’re recording those movements as they happen, so we can pull that up in minutes, you know, not take days to put it together because time will be so critical.”

AUDIO: Scott Hays, past president at NPPC

Lori Stevermer, NPPC president and a Minnesota producer, tells Brownfield all swine owners would need a premises identification number and…

“Having some type of an electronic database too.”  She says, “Whether that’s a spreadsheet or Pork Board has Agview or some other type of a program.

Pork industry outlines traceability plan