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Ohio breaks ground on MALC


A new Multi-species Animal Learning Center in Columbus will support STEM education and workforce development. 

Elizabeth Harsh, executive director of the Ohio Beef Council, says the educational opportunities go beyond students on campus, “Think about filling that land grant mission for the university and the great state outreach that we can do in terms of showcasing research that comes out of the college, bringing youth groups in for livestock judging contests or other educational programs.”

She tells Brownfield the facility is a public and private venture, “It’s really about the general assembly, the state administration, Governor DeWine’s staff, everybody that came together, all those partnerships, to make the thing happen.”

Harsh says it also provides an opportunity for students without a farm background, “They may have an interest in agriculture, but not know exactly what they want that to look like, this will expose them to so many opportunities that could lead to so many different things and even if it’s not hands, it might be research, it might be environmental concerns.”

The facility is expected to open in 2025.

Ohio breaks ground on MALC