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Industry leaders have optimistic ag transportation outlook for 2023


Ag transportation sectors are still facing challenges but there is more optimism in the outlook for 2023.  

Kirby Wagner with GROWMARK says labor and supply chain challenges still linger but the trucking sector is pushing forward.

“Despite all of the concerns everybody has that you hear in the news, we do have an interested workforce, we do have people who are focused to get things done. So, I am optimistic about how the trucking industry is going to handle the challenges of 2023.”

Tom Torretti with Consolidated Grain and Barge Company tells Brownfield,

“We always have to be concerned about Mother Nature and river levels and what have you, but we had a pretty good year in 2022 given all of the navigation problems we had and I think 2023 will be a good year for business as well.”

And Peter Skosey with BNSF Railway says, “We continue to struggle with workforce levels, we are trying to get those back up, but I think the future is bright there and we certainly want to continue the upward trajectory that we began at the end of last quarter.”

Wagner, Toretti and Skosey were part of a panel on transportation during the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association Convention in Peoria, Illinois Thursday.

Industry leaders have optimistic ag transportation outlook for 2023