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IL Congresswoman: Lack of farm bill progress concerning


Looming budget deadlines and a lack of progress on a new farm bill are concerning for one Illinois lawmaker.

Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski serves on the House Agriculture Committee, but says she has yet to see any farm bill details…

“I still have yet, to be honest, seen any legislative language on the bill.”  She says, “I know it’s being worked on, but first thing is first, we need to see the legislative text.”

Budzinski tells Brownfield there are currently other congressional priorities…

“You know, one of the things that’s been frustrating is there are some big issues, like for example, getting our federal budget passed, which still has yet to happen,” she says.  “We have some looming deadlines on that, the first of which happens on March 1st.”

However, she says there is still hope…

“I’m still hopeful between now and September, we can make progress.”  She says, “I really believe we can come together and do that and that’s what people expect us to do.”

IL Congresswoman: Lack of farm bill progress concerning