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How labor shortages are advancing animal health in cattle country


A global leader in livestock nutrition says labor shortages are helping advance technology in cattle country.

Brandon Nuttelman with Merck Animal Health says products like implants, ear tags and sensors are able to detect sickness sooner, allowing producers to do more with less, “These technologies help people to continue to care for their animals, treat them, when necessary, without having to have as many people working since there are not as many people available to work.”

He tells Brownfield that’s created additional demand in the market, “We have those early adopters right now that are utilizing these technologies and the upfront cost is still saving them money because they don’t need additional people there to get the same results.”

But, Nuttleman says, there’s a technological divide for some producers who are skeptical that it works, “As we start working with them and figuring out how it can work with their operations, there’s been a lot of interest in it, and people are really excited because the labor pool isn’t getting larger.”

Nuttleman spoke with Brownfield at the 2022 Stocker/Yearling Summer Meeting in Imperial, NE hosted by the University of Nebraska Extension.

How labor shortages are advancing animal health in cattle country