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Foreign animal disease on pork producers minds


Foreign animal disease (FAD) preparedness remains a top priority for the nation’s pork industry.  

Trish Cook is a pork producer in eastern Iowa…

“Being diligent every day.”  She says, “You can’t take a day off from having good bio-security because you’re only as strong as your weakest moment. So, it’s just very important to be consistent with your bio-security practices.”

Jill Brokaw, a third-generation producer in western Illinois, tells Brownfield…

“Preparation is going to be the key.”  She says, “Any animal disease outbreak affects the sustainability of your farm.”

Dusty Oedekoven (Oh-DUH-koh-ven), chief veterinarian at the National Pork Board, says bio-security involves everyone on the farm…

“And it’s most important that everybody on the farm understands that bio-security plan and can actually do the steps required there.”  He says, “It’s more than just having a plan on a paper, but actually being able to implement bio-security plans.”

The National Pork Board recently published a series of instructional videos on YouTube to help producers ensure their operations are as bio-secure as possible.

Foreign animal disease on pork producers minds