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FFA projects impacting aquaculture


An award winning FFA project is having an impact on the aquaculture industry.

Greyson Applebee, of the Maroa-Forsyth IL FFA Chapter, says his latest project studies the relationship between aquatic plants and nitrogen.

“I found roughly a 28% deduction of nitrates in the aquatic planted tank. So basically, put plants in your tank, it’s going to be much easier to maintain stable water parameters,” he says.

He tells Brownfield…

“I have a fish farm and I’ve basically tried to take that and tell other industry professionals, ‘Hey, this is benefiting!’” He says, “They’ve been able to take my practice and implement it into their industry.”

Applebee was the 2024 Illinois Division 5 Environmental Agri-science winner, which is the third year in a row he’s won the award. 

FFA projects impacting aquaculture