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FARM Crate inspires ag influenced curriculum  


A gift from a local farmer has inspired one Michigan teacher to bring agriculture into the classroom every day. 

Last fall, Laingsburg developmental kindergarten teacher Angie Mills received her first FARM crate as a surprise gift from her local county farm bureau.  Each month the subscription box brought new resources, books, curriculum, and videos with local farmers designed to meet state standards by Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom and Michigan Farm Bureau. 

“It was exciting to try something new with the kids, especially something that I really did feel was important for kids to understand,” she explains. 

Mills tells Brownfield the lessons have also helped students connect the foods they eat to how they’re grown and provide conversation starters for the few farm kids in her classroom. 

“The students in my class are just really loving these real-life learning topics that they can very much relate to and see all around them,” she says. 

Mills has been recognized as Michigan Farm Bureau’s 2022 Educator of the Year and says she can’t wait until next year to expand on the experience by coordinating farm field trips and a school garden.

FARM Crate inspires ag influenced curriculum