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Ejeta awarded National Medal of Science


President Joe Biden has awarded Purdue University researcher Gebisa Ejeta the National Medal of Science, the highest recognition the nation bestows upon scientists.  Ejeta is a Distinguished Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics and International Agriculture, executive director of the Purdue Center for Global Food Security, and Purdue University Presidential Fellow for Food Security and Sustainable Global Development. 

Ejeta studies sorghum and in 2009 received the World Food Prize for his research in creating sorghum hybrids that are resistant to both severe drought and the destructive parasitic Striga weed.  His research resulted in significantly increased sorghum production and has helped feed people in sub-Saharan Africa. 

According to the White House, Ejeta was honored for his outstanding contributions to the science of plant genetics and his work in improving food security for millions.  The administration also says his advocacy for science, policy, and institutions as key to economic development “has lifted the fortunes of farmers and strengthens the souls of nations”.

Ejeta awarded National Medal of Science