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Co-ops can play a role in farm broadband expansion


A leading CoBank economist says farm supply co-ops can lead the way in building on-farm private broadband networks.

Jeff Johnston tells Brownfield farmer co-ops can build their own fixed wireless private networks thanks to a 2018 Federal Communications Commission decision.

“They can deploy a wireless network that has the same quality and, for the most part, the same equipment that Verizon’s deploying that we use, that T-Mobile deploys,” he said. “And that’s a first in the industry.”

He said it would cost a 50-farmer co-op roughly $50,000 to install the network then a recurring cost around $6,000, but…

“The gains that can be realized when you do have access to broadband and therefore precision ag technologies, in terms of reducing overall costs and so forth, are significant and I think are an important component to this as well,” Johnston said.