Ad Astra Radio Family Brands
Fri, Mar 22 from 7:00pm to 7:00pm
Bowlus Fine Arts Center
205 E Madison Ave Iola, KS
Sleeper Family Trust Speaker Series Event
Friday March, 22 7:00PM
Bowlus Fine Arts Center
205 E Madison Ave Iola, KS

Speaker Amelia Rose Earhart knows exactly what it takes to fly into uncharted territory, with confidence. After completing her private, instrument and commercial flight training, Amelia created a complex and one of a kind flight plan, inspired by the incredible American hero she was named after- Amelia Mary Earhart and in 2014, she completed her goal- circumnavigating the globe along a 28,000 mile route- all in a single-engine aircraft.

This modern day Amelia Earhart says the most important lesson she learned during her journey is that in order to truly succeed, and also grow along the way, we need to learn to love life’s turbulence- by staying agile amidst the storms that inevitably pop up along each of our paths.
Amelia has fifteen years experience as a helicopter and breaking news reporter in Denver and Los Angeles, has sent numerous teenage girls to flight school during her ten-year stretch as president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, hosts a tech podcast focused on the future of AI in business, and as an artist, captures her aerial photos as original abstract paintings.
She’s been invited by Apple Computers, Boeing, Berkshire Hathaway, Lockheed Martin and dozens of other industry leaders to share her story and the value in taking a pilot’s perspective when navigating life’s turbulence. Amelia’s story isn’t all smooth sailing. In fact, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, so keep your seatbelts fastened…
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