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Economic concerns likely impacting herd expansion

The U.S. hog herd isn’t expanding, but a livestock economist says it isn’t contracting significantly either. University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says the report, overall, is sideways.  “When you look producers’ expectations about sows farrowed, June through November, we’re also talking about that being... Read More.

NASDA sets and amends policy during its annual meeting

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture members set and amended policy during the 2022 Annual Meeting Thursday in New York. Newly Elected NASDA President Doug Miyamoto, director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, discussed a policy amendment to improve disaster relief. “What we’ve seen... Read More.

The efficiency of banding phosphorus with FurrowJet

Phosphorus in an immobile nutrient, so application timing and placement are key. This week, Precision Planting’s R&D Agronomist Cory Muhlbauer talks about the benefits of banded, in-season phosphorus applications and how the addition of FurrowJet on your planter can help optimize phosphorus use.

Connecting consumers with farmers

A state Farm Bureau organization is connecting consumers with farmers and ranchers in their state via an online community. Kansas Farm Bureau recently acquired Shop Kansas Farms, a website that helps consumers purchase products direct from Kansas farmers. Rick McNary and his wife developed the... Read More.

Dairy farmer changes crop plans with great success

A Wisconsin dairy farmer changed his crop rotations, his forage choices, and how he manages the land with great success. Joe Bragger tells Brownfield, “Our pregnancy rates, our milk production, everything is improving. There’s always another way to do things.” Bragger farms near Independence... Read More.

May E15 sales a record in Minnesota

This has been a record-setting year for E15 sales in Minnesota. Minnesota Biofuels Association director Brian Werner says E15 sold during May reached an all-time monthly high of 8.56 million gallons. “Anything that gets more E15 out there and to consumers and more readily accessible, we’re... Read More.

Emergency trainings keep ag officials prepared

Michigan’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director tells Brownfield emergency trainings are helping the state mitigate the spread of disease and invasive species. Gary McDowell says, “This year alone we have done 10 exercises, we call them our sampling teams, where every employee... Read More.

Dairy research network turns 35

A milestone has been reached for the dairy checkoff program.  It was 35 years ago the checkoff-funded Dairy Foods Research Centers Network was created to provide innovative and science-backed solutions to meet consumer demand and business trends. Dairy Management Inc. provides structure and oversight... Read More.

Michigan farmer settles in FSA fraud case

A Michigan farmer has agreed to pay a $1.2 million settlement for fraudulent crop insurance and farm program claims. In 2021, a federal lawsuit against Gaylord D. Lincoln and G. Lincoln Farms, LLC, in Springport alleged the farm defrauded USDA’s Farm Service Agency by using... Read More.