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USDA trims 2023 pork, broiler production outlooks

The USDA lowered 2023 pork and broiler production estimates while raising beef and leaving turkey unchanged. Beef production is expected to be 26.495 billion pounds, 50 million more than in January on a higher first quarter slaughter guess against lower carcass weights, with an... Read More.

USDA ups U.S. corn, soybean, wheat ending stocks

The USDA has increased ending stocks projections for U.S. corn, soybeans, and wheat modestly. Corn ending stocks are expected be 1.267 billion bushels, 25 million more than in January on a reduction in the ethanol use estimate, while leaving the average estimated farm price... Read More.

CONAB soybean guess up slightly, corn down

Brazil’s equivalent of the USDA has raised its soybean production outlook slightly, while trimming its guess for corn. CONAB now sees soybeans at a record 152.89 million tons, up 0.1% from January as favorable results in Brazil’s Midwest cancel out disappointing yields from dry... Read More.

Maintaining high yield potential in soybeans 

While soil pH can often be overlooked when it comes to fertility management, it can be a big factor in soybean yield success.  In this Managing for Profit, Derek Crompton, a Channel technical agronomist shares some tips about managing soil pH to maintain yield potential... Read More.

A tool to help assess food safety risks

Often times foods like pickles, ketchup, and mustard get pushed to the back of refrigerator shelves and consumers can be unsure if they’re still safe to eat. Questions also come up about how long lunch meat is safe after it has been opened. Archie Magoulas... Read More.

Global Dairy Trade index jumps 3.2% Tuesday

The Global Dairy Trade index jumped 3.2% in Tuesday’s trade with solid price gains for five products. Butter had the biggest jump, going up 6.6% at $4,745 per metric ton, or $2.15 per pound. Anhydrous milk fat prices increased 4.8% to $5,586 per ton, or... Read More.

Limited dairy expansion expected this year

A dairy economist says herd expansion plans are likely to dwindle in 2023. The Daily Dairy Report’s Sarina Sharp says record high prices last year were encouraging for some farmers, but short-lived.   “We’re starting to see some modest expansion, we saw dairy cow numbers... Read More.