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We’re on the road again for the 2024 Summer County Fair Tour, brought to you by Eaton Roofing and Exteriors and Bullseye Irrigation. Stop by our booth for lots of swag and free giveaways, including Next-Tech Grandstand tickets for the Kansas State Fair. The 2024 Kansas State Fair takes place Sept. 6-15 in Hutchinson. Ad Astra Radio is proud to be your hometown radio station. We’ll see you soon!

  • Barton County Fair, Great Bend (June 27, 6p-8p)
  • Sedgwick County Fair, Cheney (July 10, 6p-8p)
  • Rice County Fair, Lyons (July 15 12p-2p)
  • Stafford County Fair, Stafford (July 16, 5p-7p)
  • Edwards County Fair, Kinsley (July 17, 5p-7p)
  • McPherson County Fair, Canton (July 20, 5p-8p)
  • Ellsworth County Fair, Ellsworth (July 23, 12p-2p)
  • Marion County Fair, Hillsboro (July 24, 5p-7p)
  • Reno County Fair, Hutchinson (July 25, 1p-3p)
  • Kingman County Fair, Kingman (July 25, 5p-7p)
  • Pawnee County Fair, Larned (July 26, 5p-7p)
  • Rush County Fair, La Crosse (August 1, 5p-7p)
  • Harvey County Fair, Newton (August 8, 6p-8p)