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NBC World Series Schedule Update and Standings

Hutchinson, Kan. – After great weather and attendance at Hobart-Detter Field, the NBC World Series now moves to Wichita’s Eck Stadium on the campus of Wichita State. 

The top two teams in each pool will advance to the Single Elimination Bracket starting Thursday. Below are the pool play standings, and updated schedule as of Monday. Games are scheduled for 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, and 8:30pm. 


 Pool A Win Loss Diff.  

316 Elite (KS) -13 
Hutchinson Monarchs (KS) 
Lonestar Baseball Club (TX)  11 
OKC D-BAT Collegiate (OK)  -7 


  Pool B Win Loss Diff.  

Denver Cougars (CO)  -8 
San Diego Stars (CA)  -9 
Santa Barbara Foresters (CA)  16 
Haysville Aviators (KS) 


  Pool C Win Loss Diff.  

Austin Shockers (TX)  -17 
Lonestar Kraken (TX) 
Hays Larks (KS) 
Seattle Studs (WA) 


Pool D Win Loss Diff.  

Cheney Diamond Dawgs (KS) 
Liberal Bee Jays (KS)  12 
TBT Ballers (TX) 
Waco Winners (TX)  -18 


Pool A

Thursday, July 28 Noon OKC D-BAT Collegiate vs. Lonestar Baseball Club 1-9 Final

Thursday, July 28 6:00pm 316 Elite vs. Hutchinson Monarchs 1-13 Final

Saturday, July 30 3:00pm OKC D-BAT vs. Elite 316 5-4 Final

Saturday, July 30 6:00pm Lonestar Baseball Club vs. Hutchinson 6-3 Final

Monday, August 1 8:30pm 316 Elite vs. Lonestar Baseball Club

Monday, August 1 3:00pm Hutchinson Monarchs vs. OKC D-BAT


Pool B

Friday, July 29 Noon San Diego Stars vs. Denver Cougars 3-2 Final

Friday, July 29 8:30pm Haysville vs. Santa Barbara Foresters 0-6 Final

Sunday, July 31 Noon Denver Cougars vs. Haysville Aviators 3-10 Final

Sunday, July 31 3:00pm San Diego Stars vs. Santa Barbara Foresters 3-13 Final

Tuesday, August 2 8:30pm Santa Barbara vs. Denver Cougars

Tuesday, August 2 6:00pm Haysville vs. San Diego Stars


Pool C

Thursday, July 28 3:00pm Austin Shockers vs. Hays Larks 0-8 Final

Thursday, July 28 8:30pm Seattle Studs vs. Lonestar Kraken 4-2 Final

Saturday, July 30 Noon Austin Shockers vs. Lonestar Kraken 7-16 Final

Saturday, July 30 8:30pm Hays Larks vs. Seattle Studs 3-6 Final

Monday, August 1 6:00pm Lonestar Kraken vs. Hays Larks

Monday, August 1 Noon Seattle Studs vs. Austin Shockers


Pool D

Friday, July 29 3:00pm TBT Ballers vs. Liberal Bee Jays 1-9 Final

Friday, July 29 6:00pm Waco Winners vs. Cheney Diamond Dawgs 0-10 Final

Sunday, July 31 9:00am TBT Ballers vs. Waco Winners 8-0 Final

Sunday, July 31 6:00pm Liberal Bee Jays vs. Cheney Diamond Dawgs 8-4 Final

Tuesday, August 2 Noon Waco Winners vs. Liberal Bee Jays

Tuesday, August 2 3:00pm Cheney Diamond Dawgs vs. TBT Ballers



  1. Win – Loss Record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Total run differential for all games played in pool play, wins and losses.
  4. Fewest runs allowed per inning played defensively.
  5. Total runs scored during pool play.