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MMS Tennis Edges Andover for First Place in Maize South Invitational

WICHITA, Kan. – The McPherson Middle School Tennis team took first in the Maize South Invitational on Monday, with everyone reaching the championship, as the Pups finished just one point ahead of Andover.

Ava Miller went undefeated on the day taking first in #3 Singles, while McKenna Paul and Piper VanCampen also went undefeated to take first, playing #2 Doubles.

Audra Sandbo and Dragon Rodriguez would play #1 and #2 Singles, both going 3-2 on the day, falling in the finals, and finishing second. 

Avery Unruh and Quinn Liebl went 3-1 falling in the finals to Andover to finish second at #1 Doubles, while Breanna Sullivan and Emily Reno went 4-0, before falling in their last two matches to finish second.

Coach Henry Weiner’s noted, “It was a hot day on the courts, but all 9 players rose to the challenge, fighting through the double-elimination tournament to excellent finishes. It was great to see strong doubles play from all 3 doubles teams, working well together and bouncing back from adversity to all finish in either 1st or 2nd.”He concluded by saying, “Overall, it was a great day of tennis and a great win for the team!”

Below are the team and individual results:

McPherson: 44 Points

Andover: 43 Points

Andover Central: 32 Points

Maize South: 29 Points

Maize: 26 Points

Newton: 18 Points

Valley Center: 18 Points

Derby North: 6 Points

McPherson Individual Results:


1 Singles: Audra Sandbo: 3-2: beat Derby North 6-1, Maize South 6-2, Maize South 6-4; lost to Andover 1-6 and again 1-8 in final. 2nd-place finish.

2 Singles: Dragon Rodriguez: 3-2: beat Derby North 6-0, Maize 6-4, and Andover 6-2; lost to Andover Central 3-6 and again 5-6 (8) in the final. 2nd-place finish

3 Singles: Ava Miller: 4-0: beat Newton 6-1, Andover 6-5 (7-3), Andover Central 6-2, and Andover Central 6-3 in final: 1st-place finish


1 Doubles: Avery Unruh & Quinn Liebl: 3-1: beat Newton 6-0, Maize 6-1, and Andover 6-5 (5); lost to Andover 1-8 in final: 2nd-place finish.

2 Doubles: McKenna Paul & Piper VanCampen: 4-0: beat Derby North 6-1, Andover Central 6-1, Andover 6-2, and beat Andover again in the final 8-4: 1st-place finish.

3 Doubles: Brenna Sullivan & Emily Reno: 4-2: beat Derby North 6-0, Maize 6-3, Maize South 6-0, and Valley Center 6-2; lost to Valley Center 2-6 in the first meeting, then lost to Andover 4-8 in final: 2nd-place finish.