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ReUse It Center Volunteer Spotlight: LaVon Ediger


By the ReUse It Center


McPHERSON, Kan. — The ReUse It Center would not exist without LaVon Ediger. After running his own business as a contractor for over 50 years, he knew the amount of construction materials that ended up in the landfill. He had a dream of finding a way to salvage materials, keep sellable items out of the landfill, sell them at an affordable price and donate the proceeds back into the community.

Thanks to his Sunday School group, the ReUse It Center was born. This dream went from a blank sheet of paper to a now 31,000 square foot building, nearly 100 dedicated community volunteers, serving customers from not only our community but surrounding ones as well, and has donated over 1/2 million dollars into our local community and one global charity.

When asked “what does the ReUse It Center mean to you?” LaVon had this to say. “In reflection, it means one word, ‘Blessed’. I believe God has truly Blessed this ministry with many gifted and committed volunteers and staff; Blessed it with a broad community of donors, shoppers, and donation recipients; Blessed it with many new relationships with volunteers, donors, and shoppers. I have been utterly amazed and gratified how this dream has evolved, and I certainly realize it has not happened without a great deal of dedicated time and hard work by so many passionate and committed volunteers. The community that’s been formed between volunteers, customers, and the non-profits that we support has been a joy to witness. A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers and customers for the impact you have made in this faith venture ministry in the community, and I give God the Glory and Honor!”