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Great Bend City Council Meeting 07/01/24: Great Bend Public Library Closed for Inoperable Air Conditioning System


By Lucky Kidd


GREAT BEND, Kan. — The Great Bend Public Library has been closed since Saturday to an inoperable air conditioning system and was closed again Tuesday. On a social media post Monday evening the library said it’s simply too hot for staff and patrons, describing conditions as like Dante’s Inferno.

City Administrator Brandon Anderson told the Great Bend City Council Monday a pump had been replaced Monday which it was first thought would take care of the situation. It didn’t, and current thinking is it may be a heat exchanger.

Library staff have brought in a number of contractors to take a look at the system to get a better idea on what needs to be done. The city has an interest in what these repairs will cost, as under the operating agreement with the Library the city is responsible for any capital expenses in excess of $5,000.

One Council member strongly voiced concerns in total about an air conditioning system that was purchased without input from the Council. noting that it’s high efficiency nature makes it extremely expensive to repair.

In other matters at Monday’s meeting the Council approved agreements with the Kansas Department of Transportation for traffic signal upgrades at 10th and McKinley that will include protected turn signals for McKinley. This project has been in the works since 2019, and KDOT is covering the entire cost of the project with the city responsible for maintenance.

Approval was given to a fencing project at the city’s dog park. This is a project initially planned for last year, and involves separating the large and small dog sections within the existing footprint of the park which would address issues with dog fights and altercations between citizens.

The project involves installing 384 feet of fencing, cost of which is $8,900, with the city to add another slab or sidewalk to get to the pavilion and modify the dog watering station so water would be available on both sides. Funding for the project comes from the Quality of Life sales tax.

The Council also accepted a bid for this year’s chip and fog seal projects to Circle C Paving for $312,000. This will allow about 60 blocks to be surfaced this year.