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You have landed right smack in the middle of where musicians from all over Kansas roam the airwaves.  Brought to you every Sunday evening on Kansas Rocks 100.3 @ 7:00 p.m., Frankie Shayne highlights those that have put their blood, sweat and tears into their musical craft.


Feel free to browse around the page and see "who's who" on this week's show.  The roster is always evolving with new artists, new styles, new genres...and yes, it may ( will) get crazy!  Don't shy away though.  Our content is radio-friendly.  Maybe not "politically correct", but definitely radio-friendly.

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What Is The Scene?



In an effort to give back to the music community Frankie Shayne (who?) so desperately loves and is involved with, he spoke with Chris Shank of KSKU and together they hatched the idea of starting a radio show that showcased local musicians. It hearkens back to the days when artists were broke on local radio first, and now our music community has an outlet to get local music heard. The Scene is a show that is a sounding board for all the local artists getting their music heard and giving you, the listener, the chance to see what your local musicians are all about. The sign off for the show sums it all up, "Dare to believe." Its about taking a chance, being willing to give it a shot and getting your message heard.

Meet The Host




Frankie Shayne is a veteran of the local music scene and has played in numerous bands with his most recent ones being Soapbox Troubadors and ZeroSelf:Project. He has also been known to sing in talent competitions and singing contests around the area. He won Hutchfest Talent show in 2009, he won Sedgwick County Fair Idol, Abbyville Idol, Newton's Got Talent, he was featured on the Season 5 Premier episode of Gospel Dream and has competed in several other talent competitions.  At the heart of it all is his love of music and the power music has to reach deep into a person's soul and speak to them when words alone cannot.